I'm Patrick and I shoot weddings. I have always worked behind a camera shooting promos, working for corporates and I've shot a few narrative projects too.
I love telling stories that mean something and getting to work with new  people is always exciting. I like to be the easiest part of your wedding and have been known to help get the iPod playing and make a dash for something forgotten which means you are in good hands. 


my approach

I shoot a documentary style which means that I often cover the day by mostly observing. I'm discrete and shoot with small cameras so I blend in with your guests and don't create much of a fuss. The aim is to be sincere and remember the day as it was. I keep things simple and give you a genuine wonderful account of the day that will look beautiful and allows you to relive the day afterwards. I wish each wedding to be meaningful and unique to you. I'd love to be part of your wedding day and look forward to meeting you!