A photo-journalistic approach with an intimate creative style.

Classical, sophisticated, charming


A discrete approach

In the past we had gone bigger and bolder with our approach to filming weddings using all manner of camera kit, however in our strive to improve we come to find shooting with less equipment and keeping things simple with smaller kit which is less intimidated will allow us to focus on whats most important. We like to be approachable for your guests to be relaxed and to not scare them away. We know not everyone is comfortable being on camera so this approach is more suitable. We like to capture the day as it happens and understand that we are documenting one of the most wonderful and important days in a couples lives. We would like the attention to remain on you and for our presence to be just as if we were your guests.

A friendly service: We are always smart, handsome, charming and the easiest part of your day. Yep, we do like to have fun and don't take ourselves too seriously. We know that part of offering a professional service is being reliable, trustworthy, stress-free and being the kind of people that any of your family and friends will find easy to be around all day. We are proud of what we do and thoroughly enjoy providing a great service as well as a lasting memory for you and your family.


About my films

My films capture what still images cannot; the sounds, the vows, the speeches and with a touch of music becomes a beautiful way to remember your day. Each film is a highlight edit around 4-5 minutes with the vows and speeches accompanied by gorgeous shots of you throughout your day.